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Andrey Ovcharov

URU Card devices for sale

People asking me if they can purchase URU Card device or if I am going to start a Kickstarter campaign for it. Well, I have started this project mostly as a hobby to learn new things and build something for my personal use. I am not a salesman and can not predict amounts can be sold on the market. Is it ten pieces or ten thousand? I simply don’t know.

On the other hand, building custom hardware leaves a lot of spare parts. For example, a minimal batch of PCBs is 5 pieces where I am using only one or two. The same for other components.

So, I think I have found a, let’s say, compromise solution. I have built and tested one more device and opened a store on Tindie. The device is out of stock now, almost immediately, but you can add it to watchlist. That will give me a rough estimation of how many devices people need and I can build them in small batches accordingly.

In my home lab, I can build batches of 5 or 10 pieces. If you want to receive your own URU Card - just visit my store on Tindie and add it to watch list. However, it is going to take some time to order missing parts and build the devices.

There is one more option. I can order assembly on JLCPCB. The one potential drawback is that the devices will have green PCBs - that’s the limitation of a small-batch assembly. Let me know (in comments below, the email or anywhere else) if you are okay to have the device in green colour or matt black finish is crucial for you.

This is my first experience in making and selling hardware. Again, it was started as a hobby and I do not expect any profits here. All I want is to find out if anybody except me needs the device and collect valuable feedback about the future of the project.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!